Free PSN codes

Frequently asked questions

You are limited to one free code every week.
In order for this site to exist, we must purchase a large quantity of PSN gift cards. When you complete an offer, we get paid a small amount, which compensates us for the purchasing of your card.
You have probably not completed the survey to the required standard. To complete an offer, you typically have to fill out multiple pages of your real information. Once we get the signal from our offer providers that you’ve completed an offer, the “offer” button for that offer will indicate that it has been completed. If you're really struggling, please get in touch with us through our contact form.
Your code is reserved for one day, at which point you will need to reserve another one. At this point you will also need to refer another 15 people to the site to unlock your code.
Our website can only function if we can take advantage of economies of scale, that is, if we buy many codes and receive a bulk discount.
This is 100% legal, you have absolutely nothing to worry about :)